Under the Influence


As I drive in LA, I see so many homeless people and lost and it makes me wonder if these people are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or demons.  Most are suffering from substance abuse  or illnesses brought upon themselves by the consequences of sinful behavior which ended up as addiction finally to have destroyed the brain and physiology of the body.  For almost a year now, I have been seeing these people.  Most are all talking to themselves and keeping conversations as if they are talking to somebody we cannot see.

This lead me to think deeper of what is really happening here.  Is this mental illness or some sort of demonic possession or control.  Being a Christian, I have to eliminate the obvious, mental illness.  I do not believe in the psychological communities development of illnesses that each of the several camps, whom all have different views on theories of illnesses, have come up with over the last few decades.  Although, I do feel that there are organic developments that effect the brain and other functions of the body that might cause the reaction of some of the psychological illnesses they proclaim.  So what is left?  Demonic possession and control.  The Bible says that we are to be sober minded, alert and under self-control (1 Peter 1:13, 1 Peter 5:8, Titus 2:6).  In 1 Peter 5:8, it even states that the devil, our adversary, is like a roaring lion seeking or on the prowl, looking for who he can devour.

My fascination with what I am seeing lead me to start watching videos of people under the influence of drugs to get a grasp of their actions so I may see a direct correlation to the bizarre behavior I see daily.  As I sat in shock as I was watching many videos of addicts on a wide assortment of drugs displaying some really bizarre behavior, it started to make sense to me and it was like a flood gate rushing in my head.

I will begin by using alcohol as my starting point.  Seems harmless compared to heroine right?  Think again.  When you drink a beer of a glass of wine, the alcohol begins to work in your brain.  It begins to make you feel relaxed, which is a top excuse for drinkers anyway but that is the moment where you lower your inhibitions.  It may not lead to a night of drinking till the wee hours of the morning but your mind has been compromised.  Your guard has been let down.  Your judgement is impaired to make proper decision especially godly decisions.  As Peter wrote, you must be sober minded.  This is an imperative that needs attention.  Be focused at all times.  We must protect our minds.  One little slip and your well on your way to so bad decision making which is driven by your pride.  Once pride takes over your mind there is no room for Biblical thinking and all the actions that we are supposed to bring honor and glory to God shifts positions and then we become the center of our focus and attention.

So I am putting this together and it occurs to me that as the consumption of alcohol and or drugs increases, there is an effect that is in direct proportion that the more you use the more your inhibitions are lowered.  Once the person has reached addiction, they have thrown almost all cares to the wind and their selfish addiction or habit has become their desire and the only one.  They become slaves to whatever they have become addicted to.  That is the consequence of sin.  The damaging effects of alcohol and drugs goes hand in hand with demonic influence and possession.  Can a Christian become a victim to addiction?  I believe they can.  A consequence of sinful behavior.  But they cannot be demon possessed.  The Holy Spirit is dwelling in them and demons cannot occupy that space where God dwells.

With almost all inhibitions gone, they have opened up themselves to be invaded by the adversary and under the influences of demons.  The voices that they hear and the invisible people they talk to, I believe, are real.  It has been said countless times that it is an invisible war and the war is for the mind.  Sadly, they have become empty shells of human carcasses.  It is so disturbing to see this played out.  They cannot seek help because they are in bondage and under the influence of demons.  It is a debilitating process and looks like it is not slowing down.  With the introduction of new types of drugs like flakka, where people are just loosing total bodily control and basically turning into flesh eating zombies.  The devil is hard at work influencing the minds of people into destruction because he know that a time is coming where Christ will return and he is hard at work at taking away as many souls for the church body as he can.  Satan is so prideful, although he knows the Word of God, he does not believe it.

So the next time you are thinking a glass of wine or a beer or champagne won’t hurt?  You better weigh it out.  All it takes is one slip and your life can have really impactful ramifications.  Like taking your eyes of the road and sending a text or a tweet, only takes a second and you could be dead.


The devil is crafty in that the process takes time and you cannot see it happening.  It begins so subtle with a little enticing offer to let your guard down to taste it and you get away with it.  This process begins to build your case to justify your self-centered actions.  This holds true will all sinful actions.  You start believing the lie as it is planted in your head by media or the influence of lost acquaintances.  Then you justify it then you nurture it into action.  Then it becomes who you are.  You have bought into the oldest trick the devil has and that is deception.

Therefore, we must keep our minds clear and be sober minded.  We have an adversary who is like a lion, roaming the streets looking for who he can devour.  We need to paint that image in our heads that there is a lion loose on the streets looking to kill us.  It is a difficult thing to turn away from trying to satisfy your desires and fall for the temptations that might be laid in front of you daily.  1 Corinthians 10:13 says “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.”  We all go through the same temptations.  Nobody has special designed desires apart for anyone else but God is there and assists us with this in that we do not fall for the lies of the devil or our own prideful desires.  We have been given the truth.  Our Great God has developed a way of escape for us.  When tempted we need to run from sin and run to His Word and in prayer ask for the strength to overcome this temptation.  Any sinful act no matter how small is too much because it will eventually lead to the end and destruction.


In Christ <><


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