He Died for Him


Sunday will be celebrated as Easter throughout the world.  It has been on my mind what the whole process of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection really signify.  I know that it was for our salvation that the prophecies of these things had to come to fruition in order for God’s plan of redemption to be true.  But did Christ die just for us?


The plan of redemption from God was an ultimate sin sacrifice being made on our behalf.  Throughout the Old Testament we see the books of the Law, the “Torah”, or the Pentateuch, the 5 books, showing sacrificial systems to be implemented and practiced by the Jews for the atonement of sin.  The practice that sin carried a price and sacrifice was to cover that sin.  The Law dealt with every aspect of morality and life and the circumstances of judgement when these Laws were broken.  For the many years that passed until the arrival of Jesus, the Jews had taken these Laws and corrupted them by implementing their own spin on the Law in order to make themselves appear on the outside as holy and acceptable to God but on the inside they were full of dead men’s bones (Matt. 23:27).


God’s plan required a sacrifice of a pure lamb with no blemishes.  God sent His Son Jesus into the world and was the perfect man who knew no sin and was without blemish.  Jesus was tempted in all ways of man is but He did not fall to it as Adam did.  Romans 5:12, Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinnedSince Adam fell into sin, we have all inherited the sin curse and fallen away from God.  The sin requires a sacrifice and atonement of blood to be made on our behalf by the perfect sacrificial lamb.  2 Corinthians 5:21,   He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in HimChrist was made sin and carried the full weight of sin on our behalf.  He carried every man’s sin that has ever been committed and the sins to come.  Knowing and seeing this in its reality, we need to keep this in mind of why He went to the Cross.  He died for us who believe and repented of our sins.  The punishment that we deserve was placed upon Christ to bare for us.  This concept is alien to us and we cannot fully understand the magnitude of why Christ did this for you and I.


But He did not do it for us.  That is the outcome but Christ died for His Father.  Christ died to show His obedience to God.  Christ came to earth to save men not to judge (John 3:17).  He came down to do the will of His father who sent Him (John 6:38).  It is an act of pure submission and obedience that Christ went to the Cross and died.  When Christ said “why have you forsaken me”, shows for a glimpse how God turned His back on His Son who became sin for a moment having to be filled with the sin of the world.  God separated Himself from Christ because God hates sin and cannot even bare to look at it, so He turned away and inflicted the full weight of the judgement we all deserve upon Christ, His only Son.  And God so loved (John3:16).  He loves the ones who believe and repent of their sins that God made His Son, Christ, be the recipient of all the wrath God had for us.  Jesus did this for His Father and God’s plan for our redemption was then reality.


Resurrection Sunday, Jesus fulfills final prophecy and all the prophesies in the Old Testament concerning Christ were true.  As believers, we know the victory we have in knowing Christ defeated death at the Cross and the truth of His resurrection and we rejoice in this truth.  It is the plan of God to save His people and it was carried out by the obedience of His Son Jesus Christ who is still interceding to the Father for us (John 17).  He is doing all of this for His love to the Father and His love to those God gave him.  He is the Great Shepherd and we are His sheep.


He died for His Father and He died for you!


In Christ <><


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