Pray for Belgium


Prayers to Brussels.  Many lost and even believers do not understand why God, who is a God of love, can allow these types of things to happen to innocent people.  There has to be an understanding of what God’s Word says about these violent crimes acted out in society.  The plain truth is that we live in a very broken and perverse world full of people who have turned their back on God from the very beginning.


The issue had started all the way back to the fall in the garden where Adam and Eve had fell for the deception of the devil or the “serpent”.  The fall caused man to be separated from God as the punishment for the rebellion Adam and Eve showed when they disobeyed God.  All they had to do was listen to God.  Inherently we have all been rendered as sinners to God suffering the consequences of sin resulting in separation from Him and judgement.  This separation has left us to our own way and judgement will reign on those who will not repent and come to Christ.  As much as we all have rebelled against God, we all deserve the penalty of death.  For the wages of sin is death (Romans 3:23).   So the question is not why did these poor people die but why haven’t we died?


God has shown His patience for thousands of years.  He has shown His patience and love towards the nation of Israel over and over in the Old Testament by giving them every chance to repent of their sins and come to Him.  But as stubborn as they were and still are today, they refused Him and turned their backs on Him causing judgement to fall upon them.  The cycle over and over and over, again and again and again they sinned, God was patient, they continued to sin, God reigned judgement to them, they repented and they were restored only to get complacent and sin again starting the whole cycle again.


What we are seeing in today’s society is the result of a broken world careening to the edge of the cliff where God not only has taken the back seat but has been left out of the car completely.  There is no fear in God anymore since anyone can get away with blaspheming His Word, His Son and Himself without consequences visible.  God will not let this go unpunished and He will pour His wrath upon them when they are face to face in judgement.  God is being so patient with us that He is allowing all the evil to happen in hopes of bring as many people to Himself before the day of Jesus Christ.  There is a day coming that His offer will not be available anymore. 


Sad to say for those who have not repented nor believed at this point are at the hands of God in the day of judgement.  The current status of our world is no surprise for believers because as history tells us in the Bible, all this has happened before.  The future for Christians is bright and there is no worry because they know this is temporary and are just pilgrims passing through.  God has shown His love towards us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).  How much does God have to show His love for those to believe?  He sent His only Son to die for us (John 3:16).  He made Him that knew no sin the become sin on our behalf (2 Corinthians 5:21).  Christ was sent to die for all sinners and bear the weight of all their sins in order to show those who believe in Christ and repent will be made righteousness in Him. 


The sadness that fills our hearts with the current condition of all the evilness we see must not be take away for the truth that God is in control and loves us.  Man chose long ago that sin was more desirable than a perfect world God had offered.  We are seeing the story playing out as the God’s Word was written.  There is coming a day where all this evil will be put away in its final resting place, the lake of fire and those who are His will be in the new earth and new heavens where all is perfect and sin free.  We must maintain joy knowing that this evil world will pass and the peace and love that is to come is beyond anything our finite little minds can grasp.


Please pray for those in Belgium and pray that God will be glorified by those brother and sisters in Christ can show the love of God to those who are lost and to come by and support those in Christ.  As Christians we have everything to look forward to but the lost only have judgement to look forward to.  Pray!


In Christ <><


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