Where to Turn?


In the business endeavors of my wife and I get to meet many people.  Last week we met someone who I believe the Lord orchestrated to cross our paths.  Let’s call her Michelle.  She has been diagnosed with cancer and is going under the knife soon.  After meeting her and seeing her attitude towards her condition and towards the cancer I was taken back by her outlook.

When Christians are faced with trials we know we can lean on God for all our comfort.  Easier said than done.  It is a difficult thing in our flesh to fully have that attitude when we are afflicted with adversity.  It is our faith or a measure of it that we show externally how we react to these trials.  We are expected to act with a joyful attitude as James says to count it all joy when we are face with trials.  We know this, the problem is we need to show this.  Some Christians are better at this than others and it is a pure display of their faith.  Good thermometer to see where you are and where you need to be.  Even facing death, if it brings glory to God, then we should be grateful that whatever the circumstance is, that His glory is more important.

Going back to Michelle.  She is unsaved and trying to overcome this adversity God has placed in her path.  She was born Jewish and I not sure what happened.  Being Jewish does not put her anywhere closer to salvation than where she is today.  In meeting her the other day in her home, we found a plethora of idols and statues.  Buddha, Hindu idols, Eastern meditation type writings hanging all over the place.  She is seeking something to comfort her during this trial.  She knows deep in her that she needs something.  Her fear of death has prompted her to seek anything and everything except the thing that will give her eternal life, Jesus Christ.

The issue she is struggling with is a fear of death.  Why would she be fearful of dying?  In each person God has placed knowledge of God and judgement in them.  Romans 1:18 says “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth [a]in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.”  In her heart she knows she is heading for judgement but she refuses to listen try to find anything that will allow her to cheat judgement.  Religion, beliefs or meditation will not give you redemption and forgiveness of your sins.

If faith is the issue that she cannot come to God’s terms on her faith then how can she have a deeper faith in things that will not work?  It takes more faith to believe that there is no God and believe in idols and false gods or to even being an atheist.  Why does she refuse to believe in God?  I am not sure what happen in her early life but there is no excuse for unbelief.  The reason most people do not want to believe or refuse God is because they love their sin and do not want to let it go.  They would rather ride their sin into the pits of hell then have to let it go, repent and turn to God.

It is with great pain to see anyone harboring this attitude.  Susan will be going under the knife within a week or so and I will keep this story rolling.  It is my prayer that God gets the glory in all of this.  Why is Michelle going through this?  Is it punishment for sin?  I am not sure nor am I trying to guess but I do know God will do whatever He can to get our attention for our salvation.  If God puts someone at death’s door just to bring them home into His kingdom and He gets glory, then it is worth it.  It is a hard concept to understand but eternity with God is far better than anything on earth and an eternity in hell.

Please pray for Michelle if you will.  I believe that this is an opportunity for God to be glorified.  My wife and I will do what we can and maybe He will use us or maybe He will not.  But pray that He does send someone.


In Christ <><


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