Can you Hear?

Do you hear me?  I was wondering this as I stood over John in the ICU at the hospital.



John had suffered a serious accident but it was not life threatening.  He was admitted and then it was discovered he was a pill popping alcoholic.  He hid his addiction very well up to this point.  His condition grew worse until eventually he laid in ICU for days.


I asked my pastor if he could send someone from the church staff to look in on him and pray.  The pastor told me to give him an update after I went.  I had no inclination of going to see John.  But in God’s providence, He placed me there.  I visited John for a few days here and there.  His condition grew worse and it got to the point that John was in and out and was not stable.  His drug and alcohol abuse finally took its toll on John’s body.  As he laid there in ICU I prayed for him but he never moved a muscle.  Was John hearing me or was I just praying in the wind?  Could he hear me?


It was at this time near the end of John’s life that my pastor told me a story.  He said that his mother in-law was in a coma and her kids were all around her bed talking about a specific reunion and events that occurred at this reunion.  Names were being thrown around and details of this event as she laid in a coma.  Well, she came out of her coma and said she heard the stories being tossed around her bead as she was in this coma.  She gave specifics on names and events.


The brain, although the body might be functioning, is still active to a degree.  I am not a doctor but there is brain activity as long as there is impulses firing from the nerves back and forth.  There are possibilities that a person in a coma or in and out can hear and absorb things happening around them.


Knowing this, relief came over me knowing that John, although in a coma type state, could have very well heard me praying and reciting Scripture.  I guess I will know when I pass into eternity and see him.  There is hope in any situation for prayer and Scripture reading.  It is a shame that we do not take the opportunity to reach loved ones until they are hospitalized suffering some severe consequence.  We have all the time in the world to reach out while they are capable to hear the “Good News” but we are reluctant to share it.


It is a matter we do not have a choice in but it is an imperative command from Jesus to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  Matthew 28:19 says “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”   Don’t stop, keep going!  In anyway, we are proclaim and be heralds of the Gospel and called to be ambassadors of the Kingdom.


Don’t sit back on the marvelous gift that has been given to you!  Share it!


In Christ <><


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