There is an invisible war raging and has been since time began.  This war is for supremacy of your mind.  Good versus evil and it is real.  Going back to the fall in the Garden, Satan had his way and the results affects are being passed down through every generation.  The deceiver, Satan, was able to get control of the minds of Adam and Eve.  Doubt, Satan’s oldest trick, was set in their minds and their actions followed their reasoning.


For new born Christians, having the proper mindset is the preliminary steps in the process of sanctification.   It was early on when I was led to Romans 12:2 where it says And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect”.    It all begins with your mind.  As a rebel and lost, we have the mindset of Satan.  We fill ourselves with prideful and selfish ideas and desire all Satan does.  We have a demon mind.  It is genetics and was passed down from Adam and Eve.  Once we become God’s children, we must have a mind like Christ.


The verse says do not conform to this world.  The world spoken of here is the world system which just happens to be dominated by Satan himself.  Everything in the world system is against what God stands for.  The world tells you to get all you can now, you only live once, your best life is now, health, wealth and prosperity etc…  All lies from Satan that he has been peddling since the beginning.


It continues to say but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  How does a new born Christian renew his mind?  You focus on things above and saturate your mind with God’s Word!  Repentance is the 180 degree turning away from self and living for Christ.  It is literally a U-Turn away from the world system and what you held as important in your previous state of mind.  It is a continual action that does not stop.  You are repenting constantly.  It is not a one time gig but an ongoing action since we still continue to sin.


I heard it said that the mind controls the heart and the heart controls the feet.  What you put in your mind dictates what will enter into your heart.  What is in your heart will come out in your actions or the words that flow out of your mouth.  They are all directly related and it all starts with the mind.   It is essential to feed yourself with the Word of God and be taught the proper doctrine.  It is futile to be exposed to poor and weak doctrinal teachings.  You may think you are filling your mind with the correct exposition of God’s Word but time will show.  It is of extreme importance at the early stages of your Christian walk to get it right and to cultivate the right mind.


I hope for everyone to be in God’s Word daily and saturate yourself in His Scripture to develop the right mind for Christ.


In Christ <><




One thought on “Warfare

  1. I agree as I started in 2009 to begin to get rid of certain movies, change the things I do or fix my mind upon Listening to only Christian music that I can understand what is being said. Reading those things that are about christian lives or Christianity itself. I also believe that it is a constant renewing of the mind, not being a one time thing but also that there will be times we make real progress and other times when e totally mess up. The greatest thing is we can either stay in the mess or get back up on the horse and continue to ride. I am very impressed with what you had to say. I love it when another Christian steps out and speaks what is in their heart.


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