Trials (2nd Edition)

I wanted to repost this entry.  The original post was back in September of 2015.  It was at a turning point in my life.  Looking back now, I see the Lord’s hand clearly.  I did make a few revisions that I had missed on the first go around.  Please read and I hope this may bring some comfort for those going through tough times.


At times in our walk with Christ we find ourselves at the crossroads with our old thinking caps on when we are faced with trials.  It is perfectly normal to feel this since we were once children of the devil and we wandered around in a hopeless state.  I am speaking from personal experience in this entry.
Starting Seminary at 50 is not normal.  Leaving the world I knew behind me and desiring to serve Our God for the remaining years in my life looked a lot better than the easy job I had in the golf industry.  Since arriving here at Seminary my wife and I had to really change our way of thinking.  We are far from where we need to be but we are working on it or shall I say God is working on us.  This is a complete 180 from our secure and easy lives we once had.  I look at this as a complete shift in every facet of our lives and I do believe it is a life changing trial that we are going through.

When we are faced with trials we need to see them as reasons to be joyful.  James 1:2 says “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,.”  These trials are designed especially for each and everyone of us.  God is so perfect and all knowing that He creates these trials in order to remove ourselves from the center of our attention.  He knows and orchestrates everything to ensure the outcome to make us useful for His purpose.  Remember, as Christians we are not of our own anymore.  We have been bought for a price.  The price was Christ’s blood.

The struggles I am facing are those of tearing me away from my dependence of my own abilities to support our lives.  Making that leap of faith to serve Him requires you to drop everything and walk away from your former life.  It is easier said than done.  I say that because the focus needs to be far from me and the things in the world.  The focus needs to be on Christ.  My focus needs to be on Him alone.  Christ alone will support our needs and never will He forsake us.  At times it may feel that He is not there but He is.  As a good Father, He is always there.  As a good Father, He loves and does not spoil, He knows what we need.
It is at this stage that I found myself today.  Struggling and worrying.  If I really know the Father and I know His promises to His children, then why do I worry?  Why am I fearful?  Lack of faith.  There I said it.  The sinfulness of not trusting and worrying convicts me to the core.  I pray for more faith but when He teaches me by trials, I start complaining and asking Him why.  In my own stupidity, I choose to worry and act like a spoiled brat until I get so convicted or someone with wisdom talks me down off my throne.  This is the very throne that is only reserved for Christ.

The proper attitude and view on trials is to have the wisdom and understanding that God is making you more Christ like.  This process is painful enough being submissive and obedient to His will.  When we are disobedient and stubborn the process is severely painful.  We pray for sanctification and to be more like Christ but in the midst of this process when the heat is turned up to purify us, we complain and wish for relief.  The goal in our Christian walk is the glory of God!  We are to have the attitude that His glory comes before anything in our lives.  No matter how hard the trial becomes, His glory is priority not our comfort.  A hard pill to swallow but when I keep this in my mind then my trials have a purpose and I have a greater understanding of why this is happening.

I pray for you if you are reading and find yourself fearful of whatever circumstances you maybe suffering from.  I don’t know what your trial might be but having a greater knowledge of the Father will allow you to have a greater understanding of His will.  I urge you to read the Holy Scripture and see for yourself what a loving Father we have.

In Christ <><


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